Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lease terms?

When you request a lease, you will be asked about your preferred term. We offer Month-to-Month, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, and longer terms upon discussion. The pricing decreases with longer terms. The prices quoted on our website are for a 3-year lease.

How can I view properties?

You can schedule a face-to-face visit through my calendar. In some cases, we may be able to share a code with you for a self-guided tour. You can also call or text 865-384-6481 to ask about viewing.

How do I request a lease?

You can request a lease for any of our available spaces using this link.

How do I sign a lease?

We’ll send you an electronic lease for signature. After signing, you will receive an invoice for the security deposit and first month’s rent, payable online via check or credit card. Once paid, we’ll sign the lease and schedule a move-in time. You can book a time on my calendar.

Can I break a lease?

Our lease agreement doesn’t contain a specific clause for breaking a lease. However, if circumstances change, we’re open to discussing a termination plan.

Who are the current tenants at 1200-1210 Kenesaw Ave?

Our current tenants include Bear Den Books, Neighborhood Nerds, Palm Tree Pod Co, National Interiorscape Network, Social Church, Resque, LLC, Small Raven Media, Sheila Hill, Wildflower Aesthetics, LLC, Treetop Coffee Shop, LLC, Soulful Hair Studio, LLC, and The Plaid Apron.

What utilities are available?

The Knoxville Utility Board (KUB) provides Water, Gas, and Electric services. Account Information: Name – Leonard R Knight, Account Number – 4704010000. Internet service is provided through Xfinity, with building-wide Wi-Fi available. However, tenants often opt for their own internet connection or cable TV service. KUB Fiber may also be an option for high-speed internet.

Security Deposit Refund Policy

At the conclusion of the lease term, the security deposit will be returned to the tenant within 30 days from the termination date of the lease agreement. This period allows the landlord to conduct a thorough inspection of the premises to assess conditions and identify any damages that might have occurred during the tenure of the lease.

Should deductions be necessary for repairs or cleaning, an itemized statement will be provided to the tenant, detailing the nature of the damages and the costs associated with the repairs. This statement, along with any remaining portion of the security deposit, will be mailed to the tenant’s last known address or transferred via the method previously agreed upon.

It is our commitment to process refunds promptly and transparently, ensuring that both parties’ interests are respected and upheld.

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